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  • In-House Opening Games and Clinics moved to April 27th
Start of Spring Season

Parents and players of East Haven Youth Soccer,

For all but clinics, until the fields are dry, we are practicing at East Haven High School Turf Field.   We are there as guests, so please follow the rules below:

1) Do not allow siblings to climb on any equipment or run around the stadium bleachers or underneath.  

2) Do not bring any animals into the area, we have been warned multiple times. 

3) Parents are allowed to walk around the track.

4) Do not leave any empty bottles or trash on field.

5) If any high school sports teams are on the field or track, players and parents are not allowed to enter the track/field fenced in area until they leave, no matter what time.

In-House games and Clinics will tentatively start on April 27th, as long as weather permits

The micro and little kicks clinic will be held on Saturday mornings at 9:00am (Little Kicks) and 10:00am (Micros).  All children must have shin pads and socks that are over the pads (balls will be provided).  Cleats are desirable, but not required.  Clinic shirts will be handed out at the clinic.  We ask that all players wear their clinic shirt every week.  Upon arriving at the field we will have a representative check the player into the clinic.  We are always looking for parent volunteers to help with the clinic program. If you would like to help please notify John Gildersleeve

In-House Boys and Girls
Games will be conducted Saturday mornings and early afternoon depending on the amount of teams.  Practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-6:30 for Boys and 6:30-7:30 for Girls.  

For the In-House practices, we have brought back Alyssa Paolillo from Victory Soccer School as our professional coach.  Alyssa was a standout player from North Haven as a youth and played at the highest levels of youth soccer before playing at Sacred Heart University.   

Please make sure that you check the start time of your child's game every week once players are selected to teams.  We will assign every team a different color, players will be placed on teams and uniforms will be given out before the 1st game. Please do not wear old shirts - they change each season as do the team rosters. 

All players must wear soccer cleats (no metal football or baseball cleats) or sneakers, shin pads, socks (over shin pads) to every practice and game and the supplied shirt to each game.

Please be 15 minutes early to your games, we continually have problems with parents bringing their children late for games, please adhere to the time requests when possible.  If you can not make it to the game for any reason, notification to the coach is of the utmost importance so other players can be brought in if needed (just RSVP to the reminder).  We don't want to cancel games for lack of players.  Parents sit on the opposite side of the field as the players.  Do not site behind the goals or on the players side of field. 

We are in desperate need of for parent volunteers to help with our in-house boys and girls programs.  If you would like to help please notify the league.  What we need are parents to coach the games, and to assist our professional coach at practices.  You don't have to do both, whatever you are available to do.


Soccer cleats, height/age appropriate shin guards are a must, and the assigned complete  uniform.  Make sure that you are responding to the game/practice availability emails every time.  Coaches will base their practice drills on the amount of players that show up. Directions to almost every field in our state are posted on the website. 

All players and parents are asked to be respectful at all times when at East Haven Youth Soccer functions. All players either from East Haven or other surrounding towns are out there giving everything they have.  They deserve our respect.  Parents are the key to teaching our players how to be courteous winners and gracious losers.  

Keep an eye on the website, keep an eye on the website,it can't be said enough.  We do not cancel games/practices just because of weather.  Do not assume a game or practice is canceled, check the website.   

East Haven does not allow pets on the fields.  Please leave them at home!!!  Your pet may be kid friendly but not all kids are pet friendly, this is a place for kids to play, not be scared to get bitten. 

Be sure to lock your vehicles when leaving them unattended and keep an eye on all your property.

East Haven Youth Soccer

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Spring Registration Open
              Spring 2019 - Registration...
Registration Instructions
Click on the Tab above titled “Click here to Register”Click...
Adding Teams to SI App
If your child is on the team (you receive reminder notifications),...
US Youth Soccer Newsletters
Here at US Youth Soccer we want to keep you informed with what is...
Linking Schedules to Calendars
Hi All, We receive many inquiries about practices/games. ...
Electronic Bank Transfers now accepted
Great News!!!   We have now added Electronic Bank Transfers...
Spring Registration Open

              Spring 2019 - Registration is Open!

Per direction from our state association, CJSA, all clubs are utilizing a new website for registration that links directly to US Youth Soccer. If this is your first season using this website, you will be required to enter parent and player information as the data was not transferable from the old website. Once you have an account, you can add multiple children.  If you have any problems with registration, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to volunteer as a coach, and you didnt coach in the Fall, you must register on the main page coach as well, this will allow EHYS to submit for your background check. Any questions regarding the new registration system can be directed to ehysregistrar@gmail.com. We will continue to update this website as questions are asked and more information becomes available. As we build out the new website that houses the registration, this one will be retired.

The Spring Season runs from April through June.

The Registration Guarantee Deadline is March 3rd for travel teams (2000-2009), April 1st for our In-House 2010-2012 Program, the Clinic Program (2013-2016) will close Mid-May . Registrations could close after this date, if age groups are full.


Little Kicks - Unlimited,  In-House Girls - 10 spots, In-House Boys - 12 spots

U11 Boys - 7 spots

U12 Girls - 4 spots

U13 Boys - 3 spots

U14 Girls - 2 spots

U19 Girls - 9 spots

If players can't commit to practices and weekend games, then they should probably not join unless they are playing Premier Soccer in addition.  Commitment doesn't mean every practice and game, but making it occasionally is not acceptable either. Soccer is a game where touching the ball is where you learn. By only going to games or only going to practices the players tend to get lost and not enjoy the game and we want them to learn and love the game. Please sign them up when they are available and ready to play. Playing multiple sports during the same season is difficult, and the recent trend of parents pulling their kids from teams once the schedules are compared is not fair to anyone and refunds will not be given.

Please select the proper age group (travel or in-house) and for travel choose with or without uniform (without is for players that have previously purchased a travel uniform).

The In-house league and clinics include the shirts.

AGES AND FEES: Programs are grouped by birth date:

Little Kicks Clinic- Birth Years 2015, 2016 (Fee $70)

Micros Clinic- Birth Years 2013, 2014 (Fee $70)

In House League- Birth Years 2010-2012 (Fee $100)

Travel - 2005-2009 (Fee $120) - Uniform is additional $35 if needed

U19 Travel - 2000-2004 (Fee $80) - (t-shirt included)

Anticipated Practice/Clinic Days:

          Little Kicks / Micros: Saturday Mornings at 9/10 am at Gillis

          In House Boys:  Tuesdays and Thursdays at Gillis

          In House Girls:  Tuesdays and Thursdays at Gillis

          Travel U11B -  Mondays and Wednesdays at Gillis Field

          Travel U12G - Tuesdays and Thursdays at Gillis Field

          Travel U13B - Tuesdays and Thursdays at Moulthrop Field

          Travel U14G - Tuesdays and Thursdays at Moulthrop Field

          Travel U19G - Mondays and Wednesdays at Moulthrop Field

by posted 01/30/2019
Registration Instructions

Click on the Tab above titled “Click here to Register”Click on the Tab above titled “Click here to Register”.  It will take you to our registration site.  Once there, click on the tab titled “Click here to Register”.  You then have to choose which registration program (based on age).  From there just follow the instructions using your login from last season or creating a new one if you haven’t registered prior in the Stack System.

by posted 01/25/2019
Adding Teams to SI App

If your child is on the team (you receive reminder notifications), then you will be able to add them to your SI App

Between seasons (Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer or Fall, etc) you will need to logoff of the App on the phone.  You can do this by clicking on More, scroll down and click on Log Out on the bottom.   If you don't do this, the new teams may not come up as options.

Click on My Teams

Click on the toggle widget on the top of the screen (Edit Teams)
Move the "toggle" for the teams you want to on (green)
The team will now show up on top.

by posted 03/06/2017
US Youth Soccer Newsletters

Here at US Youth Soccer we want to keep you informed with what is happening in the world of youth soccer. We offer many ways to get information from USYouthSoccer.org to social media.  A simple way to get the information you are looking for is through our newsletter subscriptions - which deliver the info right to your inbox.

Click on the link below to register for your choice of electronic newsletters.



by posted 07/05/2016
Linking Schedules to Calendars

Hi All,

We receive many inquiries about practices/games.  The easiest way to have the information with you at all times is to link your calendars on your cell phone, tablet, and/or computer to your child's schedule(s).  Here are the directions.  Once your child is placed on a team, simply follow this and your calendar will be live and updated as our website is update.  It also includes field locations.  For our in-house, you can do it now for practices Boys Practice/Girls Practice and once we place players on the team within the next week, you can add the team also.


Here are the directions that you have to do from your phone (you could do the same from your computer if you want it on your computer calendar also)

Click on team


If you need more than one team, choose multi-schedule, choose Spring 2016, and     click on all the teams you need, keep the default schedule type unless you need a different one.  Click Submit.


If you only have one team, choose division and team.  Then choose schedule.


Click options, calendar feed, and choose google (droids) or ical (iphones).  Now your calendar on your phone will keep the schedule, even as updates are made.

If you haven't done this - it is a must do!!!  For players with phones, have them do it also so everyone in the house knows their schedules at all times.

by posted 04/13/2016
Electronic Bank Transfers now accepted

Great News!!!   We have now added Electronic Bank Transfers as a payment method for those who need to pay through their bank accounts.  Simple process, no hassles.  You can add a Dwolla account or pay as a Guest - your choice

by posted 02/03/2014
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CT Sportsplex - North Branford OPEN (4/19) 
EH High School - East Haven OPEN (4/19) 
Gillis Field East Haven - East Haven TBD (4/19) 
Moulthrop Field - East Haven TBD (4/19) 
Tennis Courts - EH Middl - East Haven OPEN (4/19) 
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