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Start of Spring Season
Hi All, Our season kicks off in earnest this week as we start...
Inclement Weather
In cases of inclement weather for practice days, a decision will...
Women's Team Capture Indoor Championship
The East Haven Women’s Team just completed a successful Indoor...
Adding Teams to SI App
If your child is on the team (you receive reminder notifications),...
Volunteers Needed
East Haven Youth Soccer is run by all volunteers.  As such,...
Age Group Openings
  OPENINGS: CLINICS (Born 2011, 12, 13, 14): Unlimited All...
US Youth Soccer Newsletters
Here at US Youth Soccer we want to keep you informed with what is...
Linking Schedules to Calendars
Hi All, We receive many inquiries about practices/games. ...
Electronic Bank Transfers now accepted
Great News!!!   We have now added Electronic Bank Transfers...
Start of Spring Season

Hi All,

Our season kicks off in earnest this week as we start our clinics, in-house games, and travel games for all teams.  All our teams will be moving practices from the High School to Gillis Field on Talmadge Ave. (U12 and under) and Moulthrop Field on Moulthrop St. for U14 and U19 and Northford Park for the U10 and U11 boys travel teams.  All schedules are updated accordingly.

Dogs are not allowed at any fields.   If you bring a dog, you will be kindly asked to remove the dog from the field as some kids are afraid of dogs.

In soccer, Jewelry is not allowed, so please make sure the players don’t have earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.  Also, hard plastic and metal is not allowed in the hair. 

Responding to the RSVP’s is ultimately important for all ages.  Coaches are able to see answers and when the RSVP’s are unanswered, coaches aren’t able to plan practices and or games appropriately.

As bugs become a problem, a reminder that coaches can’t spray children due to possible allergies.  Parent should supply their children with bottles of bug spray if they are dropping them off or have it available if they are staying.  Both are EH fields are near rivers/swamps, so bugs are ever present.


Little Kicks and Micro clinics will start this week at Gillis Field.  Parents will receive a reminder notice 48 hours prior to the clinic with time and location information each week.  Players will be given a clinic t-shirt at the start of the clinic, as long as they have paid, by checking in at the table.  Players are to check in each week and are to wear their clinic shirt.  Cleats are advisable and shin guards need to be under socks.  Players aren’t to bring soccer balls as they will be supplied.  We don’t want them to bring their own so that they will have an easier time when other kids touch their soccer ball or when the soccer balls get mixed up. 

Please be on-time as we start promptly and for the first week due to check-in and shirts, plan to be there at least 10 minutes early.  For our Little Kicks, if the child needs a parent to join them, we will allow it, but realize that the more people on the field, the less efficient our clinics will be as it becomes more difficult to keep the children’s attention.  For Micros, we ask parents to stay on the sidelines.  If parents want to help, please reach out to me.  Children love to brag that their parents help coach them. 

In-House U8 & U10:

Players are being placed on teams and finalized.  Game schedules are on-line.  Players will receive their team shirts either at practice or before the first game, depending on when the teams are finalized.  Players are reminded not to bring their soccer balls to the games as they will be provided.  Please be early, at least 10 minutes prior to game to warm-up.  All games start on time.  Players should have soccer cleats, shin guards under their socks, a drink, and proper clothing -shorts when warm enough, sweat pants when chilly that don’t fall below shoes. 

New shirts are given out each season, so please don’t wear old shirt as it will cause confusion.  If not received at practice, shirts will be available at table. 

U10 field will be closest to road; U8 will be farthest from road.  Parents need to sit or stand directly across from players, not on player’s side or behind end-lines (goals).  Parents are encouraged to cheer, but no coaching from the sideline.  EHYS is in dire need of volunteers to help coach, so if you feel the need to coach, please contact us about joining us.

There is a zero tolerance for parents questioning are young referees.   These referees are also our travel players.  Any such occurrences will result in immediate dismissal from the field.


Travel Teams:

Most uniforms have been distributed already, except for U10 Travel.  Parents are asked to respect the teams and coaches by giving them room at practices and not sit or stand near the teams.  Also, parents should not coach from the sidelines, again respect the coaches that are putting in the time with the kids and let them do what they are there to do, parents should only be cheering.  Parents should never speak out to the referees as it actually works against the team.

Players should wear the appropriate shorts and socks.  Individual replacements are available for order on the website.  

Please ensure your children are at games at the specified time by the coach (normally 30-45 minutes prior to the game start). 

by posted 04/16/2017
Inclement Weather

In cases of inclement weather for practice days, a decision will normally be made by 3pm.  Sometimes, weather changes very quickly and we may have to make last minute cancellations due to thunderstorms and unexpected rain.  Always check the website or the SI App prior to departing for practice if questionable weather exists (or the fields may be saturated).  If the practice is not cancelled on the website, then it is on.  Remember coaches are volunteers that work during the day and can't field calls while working.  If cancellations are made, automated emails will be sent.

In cases of inclement weather for in-house clinics and games, a decision is usually made by 8am or earlier.  Travel games are more difficult as they can be away, but again, the website is kept up-to-date and decisions are normally made at least 2 hours ahead of time.

Lightning – EHYS Follows the 30-30 rule at a minimum: When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter. If you can’t see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back-up rule. Wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving shelter. Referees must protect the safety of all participants by stopping game activities quickly, so that participants and spectators may retire to a safer place before the lightning threat becomes significant. Remember, if you can hear the thunder, you are within reach of lightning.  Many coaches and referees will abandon matches or practice if lightning is seen regardless of thunder.

by posted 03/28/2017
Women's Team Capture Indoor Championship

Back Row: Coach John Gildersleeve, Ashley Mazzucco, Michele Barker, Danielle Dacey, Becky Tabak, Bethanny Scofield Front Row: Elizabeth Carrillo, Allison Hanlon, Samantha Tabak, Carolyn Hanlon, Kristin Kikosicki Missing from photo: Alexandra Cabrera

The East Haven Women’s Team just completed a successful Indoor Soccer campaign, going 10-0 at the CT Sportsplex and winning the Championship Game with a score of 5-3. 

Ashley Mazzucco, the team’s leading scorer for the season, scored a hat trick in the championship game.  Bethanny Scofield and Allison Hanlon also scored for the ladies. 

The team originated last winter in an indoor league after competing in the Alumni game in 2015 and also competed in a summer league in 2016.

by posted 03/27/2017
Adding Teams to SI App

If your child is on the team (you receive reminder notifications), then you will be able to add them to your SI App


Click on My Teams

Click on favorites
Click on edit
Move the "toggle" for the teams you want to on (green)
Click on Done


by posted 03/06/2017
Volunteers Needed

East Haven Youth Soccer is run by all volunteers.  As such, to continue providing soccer to the youth of East Haven, we need to continue to add people to the administration group as parents leave our group which is a natural progression as children age.  Currently, EHYS has plenty of need for help.  Most positions require very little work besides attending a meeting once a month and being available to do the assigned tasks of the position. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the East Haven Youth Soccer Administration, please contact me to discuss.

Current Support Needed:

Coaches – coaches are needed at every level, from clinic to all travel teams.  The level of commitment depends on the age group.  Clinics are just Saturday Mornings.   U8 and U10 require 1 to 2 nights a week and a game on the weekend.  Travel requires 2 nights and games during the weekend.

Clinic Attendant - sign players in each week to ensure that all players are attending

District Representative:  This person would represent EHYS at a monthly District Meeting (3rd Tuesday of each month) and attend our monthly meeting (usually the 3rd Thursday of each month).  

Equipment Manager:  This person would work with the treasure to order  equipment and supplies as needed.

Other positions that are currently occupied are possible also, just contact me if you are interested.

Thank You,

John Gildersleeve


by posted 02/21/2017
Age Group Openings



CLINICS (Born 2011, 12, 13, 14): Unlimited

All other ages are closed as teams are full


by posted 01/31/2017
US Youth Soccer Newsletters

Here at US Youth Soccer we want to keep you informed with what is happening in the world of youth soccer. We offer many ways to get information from USYouthSoccer.org to social media.  A simple way to get the information you are looking for is through our newsletter subscriptions - which deliver the info right to your inbox.

Click on the link below to register for your choice of electronic newsletters.



by posted 07/05/2016
Linking Schedules to Calendars

Hi All,

We receive many inquiries about practices/games.  The easiest way to have the information with you at all times is to link your calendars on your cell phone, tablet, and/or computer to your child's schedule(s).  Here are the directions.  Once your child is placed on a team, simply follow this and your calendar will be live and updated as our website is update.  It also includes field locations.  For our U8/U10, you can do it now for practices (U8 or U10 boys or girls) and once we place players on the team within the next week, you can add the team also.


Here are the directions that you have to do from your phone (you could do the same from your computer if you want it on your computer calendar also)

Click on team


If you need more than one team, choose multi-schedule, choose Spring 2016, and     click on all the teams you need, keep the default schedule type unless you need a different one.  Click Submit.


If you only have one team, choose division and team.  Then choose schedule.


Click options, calendar feed, and choose google (droids) or ical (iphones).  Now your calendar on your phone will keep the schedule, even as updates are made.

If you haven't done this - it is a must do!!!  For players with phones, have them do it also so everyone in the house knows their schedules at all times.

by posted 04/13/2016
Electronic Bank Transfers now accepted

Great News!!!   We have now added Electronic Bank Transfers as a payment method for those who need to pay through their bank accounts.  Simple process, no hassles.  You can add a Dwolla account or pay as a Guest - your choice

by posted 02/03/2014
Field Status
EH High School - East Haven OPEN (4/28) 
Gillis Field East Haven - East Haven OPEN (4/28) 
Moulthrop Field - East Haven OPEN (4/28) 
Northford Park - North Branford OPEN (4/28) 
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